Centre for Applied Extropy

 Life extension, transhumanism, cosmic colonisation – the Extropian Singularity is near! 

🚀 It's time you saw the future while you still have human eyes! 🌌️

About Us 

We are a sect of practising Libertologists applying the principles of our creed to radically extend our capabilities and lifespan.

The Centre for Applied Extropy is our secular scientific research institute, engaged in evaluating life extension methods, ensuring proper adherence to approved regimens, and discovering and validating new scriptures.


You may learn the articles of our spiritual technology in the Church of Libertology's introductory tract.


You might be ready to herald your apotheosis if you wish to...

 Live on a seastead
 Live on a terraformed Mars
 Live on a seastead on a terraformed Mars
 Live on a seastead on a terraformed Mars that's really an exoplanet in the Andromeda Galaxy that was first terraformed to be an unterraformed Mars so we could terraform it again
 All of the above, while flexing your glistening abs in the speedo Sting wore in David Lynch's Dune
 All of the above, in Sting's speedo, but as a God this time


Engage in our scientific endeavours through our discussion group on Signal.

If you're near the Anarcho-Principality of New Hampshire, attend our Immortality Rundowns in meatspace by joining our Meetup.

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Reach out to our chief director at: centre@appliedextropy.org

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